Liquid Waste Treatment Plant

Our state of the art treatment plant is fully licenced and EPA compliant (EPL 21629). The facility at Wetherill Park processes and treats grease trap waste that is collected from grease traps via our pump out and servicing trucks, ensuring full compliance to Sydney Water’s Wastesafe program.

Our process

Site Inspection – We’ll visit your kitchen and inspect equipment to evaluate whether they’re working well and in good condition.
Grease Trap Servicing – We’ll clean and maintain your grease trap by scraping, hosing, pumping out and deodorising it
Waste  Treatment – We treat and dispose of fats, greases and oils in accordance with safety and environmental standards.
Reporting – We formulate and submit the necessary compliance and regulatory reports to relevant councils and water authorities.

Zero-Impact Environment Policy

At Halgan Liquid Waste,  we make every effort to minimise the effect our practices and your waste have on the environment. We comply with water authority regulations, Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, and Environmental Protection standards. We’re also members of several associations which corroborate our claims and reputation for quality.


Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Our treatment plant has in place the correct processes and procedures for any pollution incident as per EPA requirements.
Halgan Liquid PRIMP – combined