Commercial Kitchen Clean Out

Commercial kitchens produce large quantities of waste in the form of organic substances such as oils, fats and grease from food preparation. Many kitchens are outfitted with equipment such as oil-water separators and grease traps that intercept, remove and pre-treat these suspended solids before they enter the wastewater disposal system. These devices need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to ensure they keep working properly. Fortunately, the team at Halgan Liquid Waste can assist with this task. We offer swift, safe and thorough commercial kitchen clean out services to ensure your grease traps and oil-water separators are in good condition.

Our Kitchen Servicing Process

Regular clean outs are important for commercial kitchens. Equipment like grease traps and oil-water separators can develop faults that compromise their efficacy, causing fatty waste to build up and block your pipes, among other consequences. This not only disrupts your operations, but also causes harm to the local environment. That’s why we offer kitchen servicing so that any issues can be detected early, malfunctions can be rectified, blockages can be cleared, and overflows or structural damages can be addressed. Our standard process is broken down into the following steps and stages:

Site Inspection – We’ll visit your kitchen and inspect various equipment and components to evaluate whether they’re working well and in good condition.
Grease Trap Servicing – We’ll clean and maintain your grease trap by scraping, hosing, pumping out and deodorising it.
Waste Removal & Treatment – We’ll remove, treat and dispose of fats, greases, oils and other organic substances in accordance with safety and environmental standards.
Reporting – We’ll formulate and submit the necessary compliance and regulatory reports to relevant councils and water authorities.

Whether you have old grease traps for commercial kitchens you want replaced or you need regular waste collection, we can provide a tailored solution that helps you keep your doors open and meet the needs of your customers.

Zero-Impact Environment Policy

At Halgan Liquid Waste, we don’t just get the job done; we aim to get the job done right. Our team has a zero-impact environment policy, which means we make every effort to minimise the effect our practices and your waste have on the environment. We comply with water authority regulations, Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, and Environmental Protection standards. We’re also members of several associations which corroborate our claims and reputation for quality.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

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