Grease Trap Servicing

Restaurants generate large amounts of oil from food preparation that can overwhelm a wastewater disposal system. Grease traps are plumbing devices that intercept this debris to stop it from entering septic tanks and treatment facilities. At Halgan Liquid Waste, we can provide commercial grease trap servicing to ensure that your grease trap is working properly and has no issues. This allows you to meet the needs of your customers and avoid having to close your doors. From grease trap pumping and grease trap waste collection to grease trap removal and replacement, we can provide the services you need.

Why Organise Regular Grease Trap Cleaning & Servicing?

Malfunctioning grease traps can cause blockages, overflows and structural damages that are unlikely to be covered by insurance. A lot of these issues often remain undetected until it’s too late, at which time they break down and cause massive disruptions to your operations. Regular inspections and servicing pump outs by our team of experts can identify and address issues early, ensuring that your grease traps are up to date and in good condition.

There are many reasons to get a Halgan grease trap pumping service on a regular basis. Not only can grease trap cleaning and pumping reduce your water bills and preserve the local environment, but it also prevents bad odours and avoids temporary closures of your business. In addition, it ensures you comply with regulatory requirements so that you’re not penalised by local authorities. It’s also less costly, disruptive and stressful than one-off emergency pump outs and repairs.

Our Points of Difference

We take pride in delivering the best grease trap pump out service by coming prepared with the right equipment and always staying until the job is completed to the highest standard of quality. We’re confident that your grease trap will perform well after we provide you with contract grease trap pump outs. In addition, we always strive for excellence by having zero-impact environment policies, complying with the highest Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Protection standards, and maintaining memberships with various reputable associations.

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Make Halgan Liquid Waste your first choice when you need grease trap cleaning services, including regular servicing, emergency pump outs and more. Get in touch with us today by calling 1800 626 753 (or 0410 836 056 if your query is urgent and you’d like a response immediately). You can also send us an email or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Benefits of Regular Grease Trap Servicing